Bonnie Gordon


When Bonnie chose to make the transition from cake designer to teacher, it was based on years of experience in both the educational field and as one of Canada’s leading wedding cake designers.  With a degree in fine arts, a post graduate degree in art education, and a Masters in the Science of Education Bonnie was more than prepared to meet the challenge of starting a school that focused primarily on the emerging field of cake design. Her experience working at museums in NYC, Ottawa and Toronto also provided her with valuable training in educational programming. 

Bonnie created wedding cakes and taught classes out of her cake studio for 2 years while developing a comprehensive curriculum that would become the standard for all classes taught at the school.  As an educator, she understood the importance of nurturing the creative ability in each student, regardless of skill level. The passion her students felt was infectious and Bonnie knew her destiny lay in sharing her knowledge with others; in 2008 she opened the Bonnie Gordon School of Cake Design.  

From single classes in cake decorating and design the curriculum grew and Bonnie hired and trained talented individuals who shared her passion for excellence in education.  When she decided to add baking and pastry classes to the curriculum she selected industry professionals who shared her belief that only the best would do. There would be no room for prepared or artificial products; baked goods would be crafted with the same meticulous eye for detail she insisted upon in her cake design classes.  You may first eat with your eyes, but the high quality of the completed design must be matched by the product that is consumed.  

Her credentials served her well when her vision of creating a college devoted to the confectionary arts came to fruition in the fall of 2010. Over the years Bonnie has become a mentor and leader in the field of cake design education. Many of her talented students stayed with her, first as interns, then as employees and some eventually as school instructors.

Many of our cake design superstars launched their careers under Bonnie’s tutelage.  She helped them focus their creative energy and nurtured their talent while always encouraging them to follow their dreams. 

Today the Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts is a leader in the field of cake design and confectionary art education.  We proudly recognize the many of achievements of our graduates. The training they received sets them apart as some of the best in our industry.  In Bonnie’s eyes each of her students is a potential superstar.