What is Confectionary Arts?


How does one describe an art form that encompasses such a wonderful array of hand-crafted sweet treats? 

Create delicate, melt in your mouth macarons, yummy cupcakes and stylish mini cakes that satisfy when you crave a sweet treat; cookies that delight children and adults alike with their whimsical sugar decorations, and of course tiered fantasy cakes perfect for celebrating milestone occasions. It takes time and patience to skillfully craft life-like blossoms out of sugarpaste or artfully manipulate sugar into fragile centerpieces. There is no doubt that what our students and instructors do is truly a form of art. 

Why we spell the word 'confectionary' with an 'a'.

The term 'confectionary' is commonly used as an adjective as in, confectionary sugar, while confectionery ( with an 'e'), usually refers to a shop or facility which manufactures confections and sugary treats.