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Lynne Jury


I consider myself lucky to have been able to study my craft at the Bonnie Gordon School and I was thrilled to follow its progress to becoming a College. As with all cake designers my beginnings were very humble and I took classes here and there trying to slake my thirst to learn more skills and techniques, but always was left wondering why I still couldn’t make my cakes look unique. As an older student and someone perceiving new horizons late in life I was looking for a way to ‘fast track’ my career and became frustrated at not being able to find the classes I was looking for.

My husband encouraged me to sign up for classes at the BGC and without much insistence I signed up. When I sat in the classroom at the BGC I was overcome by a sense of awe and listening to Bonnie talk about her passion for the arts and how she’d translated that into sugar artistry I began to realise what I had been missing. I was so focussed on technique and learning other people’s skills that I had overlooked the possibilities of bringing out what was inside of me. All of the students in that class had, like me, thought they would be watching and copying, but very soon realised that we were being taught to look within ourselves for ways to express our own style and artistic flair to create our own techniques and vision.

I was thrilled to learn so much in such a short period of time which gave me the skills, enthusiasm and the courage to reach my dream. I am very proud to display my Certificate of Achievement from the BGS in my bakery and always happy to recommend others to make the most of this golden opportunity.

Lynne currently runs a bakery and tea shop "Let Them Eat Cakes", located in Hamilton, Ontario providing delicious custom designed wedding cakes, exquisite cakes cupcakes and cookies. Lynne is also the founder of the Canadian Cake Decorators Guild, a community designed for amateur and professional cake decorators to meet together, share, educate, learn and exchange. Lynne now teaches both beginners cake decorating and advanced cake decorating for professionals. ]

Joanna Forde

I attended Bonnie's school for two years and attribute her special attention and guidance as the impetus to my decision to pursue my diploma in culinary arts and become a professional baker. Along with her talented instructors, Bonnie is always hands on and attainable during the teaching process and each student develops a relationship with her during their education.

As I have branched out on my own creative path, I use the knowledge I acquired at the school almost daily in my position as Pastry Chef for an exclusive catering and events company. I have, and will continue to refer colleagues to study under her whenever possible. I also enjoy a continued relationship with Bonnie, knowing that she is always there to guide me or give advice when needed. I consider her a true mentor and list her among my top contacts in the industry. I would not hesitate to recommend her, her teachers or apprentices for their skill, professionalism and dedication to our craft."

Rosie Alyea


Although I have always had a (possibly unnatural) fixation with cakes and baked goods, it wasn't until I took baking and cake design courses at Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts that I fell just as in love with designing cakes as baking them.

It all began with a Baking & Buttercream class taught by Sarah Bell several years ago, followed by  two intensive week-long courses of cake design taught by Bonnie Gordon herself, and many more classes, including a Sugar Blossom class taught by Jenny Maw, and the Haute Couture Cakes class, taught by Lori Hutchinson (The Caketress). Although I haven’t always been a cake & confections designer, it’s simply what I’m meant to do, and I’m thrilled to be pursuing my dream as I launch Sweetapolita—fancy cakes & confections. When you learn from the best, the standard by which you work is inevitably that much higher--thank you so much, Bonnie! ]